We are open in our new home, 2057 Gottingen Street!

Please pop in and check us out, we can hardly wait until we get to see you again!

NEW! Brunch menu now available. Served from 9am – 3pm on Saturdays and Sundays. Vegan and gluten free friendly. View the menu here: Brunch Menu (PDF)

Halifax’s “The Foggy Goggle” is your new favourite bar. Owners Julie (or “Red,” you’ll see why) and Natalie have created the bar they’d always wished existed: comfort food with attitude, super cool staff, and a cozy atmosphere.

Everyone says they have great pub food, but we’ve gone way further: We don’t have a deep fryer. Everything we do is handmade, fresh, and created with love. Oh, and our kitchen is open late (until 2am Fridays and Saturdays)!

Our absolute worst nightmare is knowing someone’s been waiting for a drink, so we work hard to notice when you’re ready for another glass. You’ll see.

Things you need to try:
Our Lobster Mac & Cheese is insane!
The Foggy Spuds (just… just try them)
Our selection of delicious vegetarian/vegan meals

A pub without great drinks would be a pretty bad decision. We’ve got a selection of 14 selections on tap (a cool mix of domestic, premium, and local favourites), along with some signature cocktails you won’t find anywhere else. There’s the “Bitter Apple” (we accidentally spilled some Propeller Bitter into some Mystique Cider and discovered that the result was crazy good) and the “Judgment J” (a crazy-tasty drink that’s like apple cider served ice cold but, you know, with booze) to name only two.

We know you’ll love coming to The Goggle, but if you’re looking for an extra good time, call 902-444-1414 (we cater!) and we can take all this delicious fun back to your place.

So come in, have a seat, and say hello to your new best friends!

  • Mon

    Now Open on Mondays!

  • Tue

    $2 Dolla make you Holla!

    $2 off Rickard’s Red on tap

  • Wed

    $2 off our delicious Pulled Pork

    Whisky Wednesday from open until close!

  • Thurs

    $2 off Propeller Seasonal Ale! Wowee what a deal!

  • Fri

    $1.50 off Keith’s Jugs!

    $2 off Nacho Dip

  • Sat

    $2 off Mussels!

    Brunch Menu until 3pm

    $15 Jugs of Keith’s tax included

  • Sun

    $2 Off Rickard’s White on tap!

    Brunch available until 3pm

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